Ultra-High Net-Worth

We follow a disciplined process that enables us to identify uncommon investment themes overlooked or unavailable to the majority of investors. Our approach, combining personalized strategic asset allocation with our qualitative evaluation of private equity managers, is designed to deliver exceptional returns in both favorable and difficult environments.

Family Offices

Our Founding Partners started Omaha Beach based upon their shared success managing private equity, co-investment and secondary investment strategies on behalf of ultra-high net-worth families. Instead of managing to benchmarks, we approach investing from the perspective of what’s important to families: growing their wealth while protecting their capital.

Institutional Investors

To support our institutional investors, we follow a formal investment process based on analysis, due diligence, performance tracking, and monitoring, in order to achieve their specific goals. Our thorough approach, and the results, has contributed to why our private equity fund investments have become a key component in institutional investors’ portfolios.

Our Clients

Today, it’s not uncommon for a visionary entrepreneur to catapult into early wealth or a family patriarch to plan for their legacy. We share an entrepreneurial spirit and provide the experience to meet their goals.
Although our clients are high achievers, finding and managing investment opportunities that align with their goals takes away from their personal and family life. That’s where we bring a peace of mind.
Our clients are unique, intelligent, sophisticated individuals with lifestyles to match. They are also savvy investors. They expect the best from their investment partnerships and we deliver.
Our clients value transparency. No matter the circumstances, we do the right thing in the most responsible and ethical way. We communicate clearly and maintain a high level of integrity and honesty.
Like our clients, there’s nothing more important to Omaha Beach than independent thought. It informs everything that we do, from the way we think to our unconventional approach to investing.


Omaha Beach Capital’s Private Equity Secondaries and Co-Investments approach offers optimum returns with mitigated risk. Their disciplined due diligence and straight forward, balanced advice gives us the information we need to invest with confidence.

– P.D.

Omaha Beach takes a creative approach to investing in a wide range of different market segments. They have the ability to see opportunities that others miss and invest quickly in lucrative deals. They believe in what they do and invest their own capital alongside their investors.

– A.M.

As a highly specialized boutique firm, Omaha Beach has the ability to pivot and respond quickly to investment opportunities in the middle market. Eric and Brian are accessible, candid and transparent. We have a very good professional relationship with them.

– P.M.

We’re ambitious, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that our clients realize the maximum return on their investments.

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